WSO2 announced its latest APIM + Integration platform in May 2021. You can find more details about the new Product Release of WSO2 APIM 4.0 here.

This article will explain how to use WSO2 Integration Runtime to do your complex integration tasks(message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, database services, connecting 3rd party applications through connectors, etc) and expose these Integration Services as Managed APIs.

Let’s start with a Hello World sample

Assume we have the following API definition(Swagger file or OAS definition)for our Hello World app that returns {“Hello”: “World”} as the response.

openapi: 3.0.1

You can add environment variables to WSO2 Enterprise Integrator tooling using the following steps.

  1. You should run the server at least one-time using Integration Studio(otherwise the Micro Integrator 1.1.0 entry will not be displayed under Generic Server)
  2. Then select the ‘Run Configurations…’ from the ‘Run’ menu bar

The standard way to transform XML data into other formats is by Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT). XSLT uses stylesheets to convert XML into other data formats. You can convert part or all of an XML document and select or rearrange the data using the XPath query language.

XSLT has two main areas of applicability:

  • Formatting (conversion of XML into HTML)
  • Data exchange (querying, reorganizing and converting data from one XML schema to another, or into a data exchange format such as SOAP)

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 ESB) is an open-source hybrid integration platform that enables API-centric integration using integration…

The Class mediator is a custom Java class, which you need to maintain by yourself. The Class Mediator creates an instance of a custom-specified class and sets it as a mediator. The class must implement the org.apache.synapse.api.Mediator interface.

Let’s develop a simple class mediator that prints a “Hello from class mediator” message in the server console.

First, you need to have a simple hello world service that responds to requests with a hello world message. For this, you can use the Getting Started page from the help menu and click on Hello World Service.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, core to the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, is an open-source Integration product for cloud-native and container-native projects. It enables enterprise integration experts to build, scale, and secure sophisticated integration solutions to achieve digital agility. Unlike other integration products, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator already contains integration runtimes, message brokering, business process modeling, analytics, and visual tooling capabilities.

With the latest developer preview of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Tooling, we have enhanced the developer experience to debug the message flows within the tool. If you are new to the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator Tooling, refer to

Let’s start with a simple…

This blog will describe how to write a custom post authenticator for WSO2 Identity Server 5.5.0 and newer.

First, let’s find out what is WSO2 identity server and the functionality of a post-authentication handler.

  • WSO2 Identity Server is an identity and access management server that facilitates security while connecting and managing multiple identities across different applications. It enables enterprise architects and developers to improve customer experience through a secure single sign-on environment.
  • Post Authentication Handler is also an extension point which is available from 5.5.0 onwards. As the name implies, this extension point allows you to do a task upon…

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